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    Exploring What Can Be

    The Road Not Taken

    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I —
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference. 

      - Robert Frost

    Over the past year we have taken Robert Frost's words to heart; inspired by the innovators and risk-takers who have come before we enthusiastically embarked on 'the road less traveled', striking out independently to share our vision with the world...

    The ‘easy road’ is often very appealing – smooth and direct.  The road less travelled though is made all the more exciting by it’s eventful and mysterious nature.  Though the unbeaten path may have more hazards, it is the overcoming of adversity that advances us the most in our awareness and understanding of the world.  Every event on that path, be it blissful or challenging, grows our experience thereby enabling us to live more, and we certainly wouldn’t have it any other way.

    What we at Juniper House have noticed is how challenging the luxury outdoor lifestyle market can be for the people doing the shopping; going through website after website, showroom after showroom, and catalog after catalog just to find what is available.  The endless hunt is now over.  Juniper House is the ultimate go-to resource for curated high–end outdoor living that designers and consumers turn to first.  What follows is what makes Juniper House an unparalleled source:

    • We have created, a comprehensive, shopping experience that makes finding and ordering product simple and easy whether you are using your computer, tablet or phone. 

    • We are innovators! We strive to uncover new designs and new artisans that have a strong vision and passion for creation and we present them to you from new enterprising platforms.  In 2017 we will broaden our channels of distribution by opening showrooms starting with a flagship space in Los Angeles.  The immersive, sensory experience of being in a luxury residence/retail environment will be the ideal stage to showcase our artisans’ unique products and the exquisite craftsmanship behind them.  Combining this with a tech-forward, user-friendly web presence will make it easy and enjoyable to shop.

    • Above all, we pride ourselves on providing a holistic outdoor living experience as represented by a vibrant social media presence, meticulously designed brick and mortar showrooms, and a highly visual and simple ecommerce site that both designers and retail consumers will aspire to bring to their homes.  We see our outdoor living experience encompassing all aspects of spending time outside from furniture to entertaining accouterment, ie dinner and barware, to luxurious textiles, ie towels and blankets.  The final result makes you feel welcome and cared for from every point of contact: online, in store, through brochures, or in person as well as post-delivery for the premiere customer experience.

    The road less traveled can make all the difference and leave a new trail that becomes the road more often traveled.

    Now that you know our path, we hope you will walk with us on this journey!