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    The Story Of Us

    At Allred Collaborative we are explorers, discoverers, and dreamers of what can be in design. As we pour our first cup of coffee in the morning, we begin our day connecting with our partners around the world to help our clients cultivate beautiful surroundings for every part of their home, restaurant, office, park, or hotel.

    Living in the geographic embodiment of the indoor|outdoor lifestyle, Palm Springs California, Robert Allred explored how his experience in multi-line showrooms, importing of textiles and furniture, as well as his passion for manufacturing luxury products could come together to reinvent the online showroom experience.

    “Designers and architects were turning to the internet for product inspiration, but I discovered there was a vast array of sites where they had to spend hours sifting through product with no one providing in depth knowledge and support during the process.”

    Allred Collaborative built a network of experienced brand representatives, sales and designers, and inside support specialist where each member of the team brings their years of expertise to create a team that is stronger than its parts. From years of knowledge in furniture manufacturing, kitchen & bath design, tile & stone, textile construction, interior design, logistics, technology, and marketing, the company has grown to become the go-to resource for customers looking for expert guidance where we collaborate person to person. With our vast array of products, we can assist with every part of your project.


    We believe in old fashioned hospitality when someone comes to visit.

    We are never afraid to pick up the phone and chat.

    We are convinced that extreme opposites make for the best designs ... and mates.

    We accept that artful living makes you happier.

    We are certain that great design doesn’t have to be expensive. But you should have a couple of to die for objects, no matter the cost.

    We swear by Palm Springs indoor outdoor living and never want to draw a line between them.

    We take as the gospel that mixing patterns doesn’t cause insomnia.

    We accept that learning something new each day keeps us passionate in our personal and private lives.

    We credit others for the talent and wisdom they bring to the table and freely admit when there is a better way.

    We swear that LED lighting can be flattering.

    We affirm that the best facial toner is laughter.

    To sum it up... WE BELIEVE

    The Allred Collaborative team is on an endless quest to bring you the best designed and crafted collections from around the world while creating a fun and simple journey from your first click all the way through to after your product is delivered. This aspiration is at the forefront of our mission, and we will always work towards perfecting our craft of providing a phenomenal experience.



    Robert Allred is the Founder and President of Allred Collaborative. The company was born from Robert's personal experience and the many conversations with other designers and architects over the years. The whole process of sifting through the endless expanse of online sites, showrooms, retail stores, and catalogs to find outdoor products has been a shared frustration by all. Then he had an epiphany, This Should Be Simple. What if there was one resource that brought together a curated selection of the best outdoor brands and products that was presented in a way that was simple and fun to shop? And that’s why he created Allred Collaborative, the go-to source focused exclusively on the rapidly growing outdoor market, making the designer’s job and the shopping experience faster and easier!

    Over almost three decades, Bob has established himself as an authority in the luxury home furnishings industry through his extensive management experience at Kindel Furniture Company, Quadrille, Hinson, and GP&J Baker, Kneedler Fauchère, Gregorius Pineo, and Egg & Dart. His mastery of design and business was honed during his tenure as Vice President at Michael Smith and the co-founding of the recently sold Quintus Home.

    Allred Collaborative is the embodiment of his passion for luxury design, business, innovation, and superior consumer experience.

    JAMES MOORE, SUPPLY CHAIN & LOGISTICS | (800) 503-1458 x106

    James is a skilled professional with more than 20 years experience in luxury home furnishings. His areas of expertise include supply chain and logistics management, inventory and warehouse management as well as accounting and customer service.

    MILÈ BOBAN, MARKETING & SALES | (800) 503-1458 x105

    A graduate of FIDM in San Francisco, Milè Boban has used his education and background in marketing to cross over to sales and design. With over 15 years experience, he understands the importance of product knowledge and client relations, having worked with many top industry clients such as Benefit Cosmetics, Bloomingdales, Lyft and Kendo Brands. Most recently he was part owner of a graphic design firm where he managed sales, design and operations.

    IVAN VERA, WEBSITE | (800) 503-1458 x114

    Ivan comes to us with a background in Fine Arts, with extensive experience in the art and non-profit segments administering a variety of initiatives from art galleries, community programs and events to art gallery exhibitions and shows.

    Ivan spent his formative years in New York, after graduating from NYU in 1987, pursuing artistic interests. In 2004 he moved to San Francisco, where he was fortunate to land the ideal job, helping those less fortunate artists continue to access free creative resources and guidance, while managing Hospitality House’s Community Arts Program. Ivan has been a Palm Springs resident since 2016. His interests are: Art, Music, Cinema, Social Justice.

    Ivan believes that embracing the differences in all of us, helps us actualise a more meaningful and beautiful experience. This is also reflected in the brands and customers that influence Allred Collaborative.

    ANGEL PEREA, Showroom & Sales Support | (760) 393-6499

    Angel joins our team, as a Sales support assistant. Assisting with showroom duties, handling purchasing, inventory, receiving and processing of inventory as well as showroom floor merchandising.

    With a background in customer service, retail management and merchandising. Angel has participated in trainings and developmental growth in association with major retail companies.

    Angel has previously worked with TJX companies for over 15 years. She has been a Key Carrier Manager/ Customer Experience Coordinator, Receiving Warehouse Coordinator and overall, with her knowledge in retail has a vast skill in growing and driving the business. Her attention to detail and varied retail experience is a great asset to our company.

    Jhona Silvershein, Supply Chain & Logistics | (800) 503-1458 x116

    A 15 year veteran of the shipping and logistics industry, Jhona Silvershein has worked for organizations both large and small. She has experience in diverse industries including Government, OEM and direct to consumers businesses.  

    Originally from the Philippines, Jhona moved to California 9 years ago after spending several years in Dallas, Texas.  She loves travelling, watching Sports, and eating. As the newest member of the Allred team, Jhona is excited about contributing to its future growth.

    MEG WALKER, QUOTES & ORDERS | (800) 503-1458 x117

    Meg is an experienced customer service and hospitality professional. With over 15 years of hospitality experience from Lawrence Welk Resort to managing carpet and tile showrooms. She has always focused on customer service in all her professional roles.

    Her interests include spending time with her family, traveling to the beach, paddle boarding, and bike rides with her daughter.