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    Gus* is a modern furniture company that is passionate about design

    Our mission is to make beautiful, original, quality furnishings that bring people together and enhance the spaces where they live and work.

    Gus* is proud to introduce a revolutionary new eco-friendly material in select sofas, sectionals, accent chairs, and rug designs - a clean, ultra soft, long-strand fiber material that is made from recycled plastic. It can be used to create premium cushion fill, fabric coverings, and woven products.

    PET fill offers the comfort and feel of traditional waterfowl down, achieved through a process that benefits the environment by diverting plastic bottles away from landfills and waterways. The recycled bottles are purified and refined in several stages to create a synthetic-down upholstery fill that gives long-lasting comfort while maintaining cushion loft and shape.

    We're proud to showcase an innovative, vegan material that's created with upcycled components. This new bio-based upholstery covering is a harmonious addition to our other eco-friendly options, which include FSC-Certified wood as well as fabrics, cushions and rugs made from recycled plastic bottles. Our exclusive Vegan AppleSkin™ Leather is an eco-friendly upholstery alternative that retains the classic aesthetic of natural leather.

    Exclusively designed for Gus* Modern and manufactured in Italy, the material was created to re-purpose the food remnants of the country’s apple orchard and juicing industries, and to answer a global call for an alternative to natural leather. The manufacturing process uses upcycled fruit fiber to create a biopolymer material that is vegan and OEKO-TEX® Certified.

    This certification means that the material has been independently tested by OEKO-TEX® and verified to meet their strict standards for health and safety. Vegan AppleSkin™ Leather retains the look and feel of natural leather, showcasing an attractive interplay of texture, luster and refined comfort. The material is equally durable and easy to clean, resulting in designs that are both stylish and practical.